Guess which fitness tracker is the most secure?

July 19, 2016

The Apple Watch has been rated as one of the most secure wearables.

A recent study made AV-Test revealed that not all smartwatches and fitness trackers are secure, and poses vulnerabilities that could let hackers gain information from your device.

The Apple Watch scored decent marks, though the test also pointed out some vulnerabilities. Still, much of the praise came from the encryption that happens to collected and stored data that isn’t easy to hack.

Most of the Android-based fitness trackers they’ve tested also showcased weak results, as hackers can easily access a user’s data.

The study concluded that devices from Runtastic, Striiv and Xiaomi had the worst scores in terms of security. Xiaomi for example, was called out since it is storing its entire data on the smartphone unencrypted.

On the other half, the fitness trackers that have the highest scores in terms of security include the Apple Watch, Pebble time, Microsoft Band 2 and the Basis Peak.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.