Apple’s next iMac will sport a larger display

April 4, 2021

It will also be powered by the M1 chip.

Rumors of a new iMac have started in the last few weeks, citing that Apple could soon fit its new M1 processor on the desktop machines. Not only that, but some rumors suggest that the new iMacs could have an even larger display, larger than the current 21.5-inch and 27-inch models that Apple is selling.

A private tweet from leaker l0vetodream mentioned that the upcoming iMacs will have an even larger display, hinting at a 32-inch screen similar to the Apple Pro Display XDR currently available. A 32-inch all-in-one machine could be likely, considering that the M1 processor has proven to be powerful enough to match or even outperform its Intel counterparts.

As for the design, the new iMac should have a new flatter side with reduced bezels, mimicking the design change of the all-screen iPad Pro. The current iMac design is more than eight years old, so we think it’s time the design gets a refresh. It was said that the 21.5-inch model will be upgraded to 24-inches and the larger 32-inch model will replace the 27-inch. 

Expect the new iMacs to be announced in the next couple of weeks. There could also be a chance that the new iMacs could debut as part of Apple’s expected Spring event that will introduce the new iPad Pros.

by Victor Philip Ortiz
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