Nvidia RTX 30-powered notebooks are now being used to mine cryptocurrency

February 10, 2021

This could also mean shortages for Nvidia’s GPU on laptops.

A report from Wccftech said that Chinese miners are now using gaming notebooks powered by Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 series to mine cryptocurrency as stocks of the RTX 30 series for desktops are still scarce.

Miners are now using the laptops to mine Ethereum, which has regained popularity last year. Mining farms are usually powered by desktop graphics cards but changes in the way it is purchased (it is no longer allowed to purchase the GPUs in bulk) plus limited quantities have forced miners to look for alternatives.

Since Nvidia’s RTX 30-series graphics cards are already scarce, there’s also a good chance that even the RTX 30-powered notebooks could also face a shortage, especially with the recent crypto boom. The report highlighted that while each gaming notebook powered by an RTX 30 GPU can cost around $999, you can purchase the notebooks in bulk which can drop the prices at around $600.

Wccftech goes into detail about how these notebooks are easier to manage for crypto mining, considering that you can bring them anywhere and not use your own electricity. 

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.