Snapdragon Sound aims to unify audio hardware and technologies for smartphones
March 9, 2021

It also includes wireless audio devices as well.

Qualcomm has just introduced Snapdragon Sound, where the processor maker will be unifying the hardware and software technologies that aim to deliver an optimized listening experience for smartphones and other wireless audio devices.

On mobile devices, the sound output isn’t always perfect since there are different factors that contribute to this: from Bluetooth codecs to speaker quality, these factors are often overlooked by manufacturers which in turn give you an unpleasant listening experience even if the hardware is used is high-end.

Snapdragon Sound will work as a branding that manufacturers can use to show that their devices have met the best standards for audio. This means that the device will undergo a strict series of tests in a laboratory in Taiwan. The tests will look upon the different aspects such as connectivity, latency, the effect on battery life, and of course sound quality.

Once a device has been certified with Snapdragon Sound, it’s definitely sure that you’re getting the best audio technologies on the package. At the moment, Xiaomi has revealed that an upcoming smartphone will be Snapdragon Sound certified as well as Audio-Technica with a still-unannounced audio product.

by Victor Philip Ortiz
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