HereO: The first GPS watch to locate your kids

March 30, 2014

Being a  gadget lover is more than just owning the latest and greatest smartphone, the biggest TV, the most powerful gaming PC, the… Wait a second, who am I kidding? You care about nothing else. But it helps to use gadgetry to keep an eye out for those we love the most (real human beings, you freak), and the HereO is just about that.

We reported on the Filip smartwatch/tracker/phone for kids during our MWC coverage, and we have to confess our fondness of that invention. But how about something simpler? Cheaper maybe? And available as of now to all of us (Middle East included) and not only to AT&T customers in the United States? Well, tech-dad (and mom), you’ve come to the right place.

HereO is currently seeking backing on Indiegogo for its GPS smartwatch that works with an app to keep track of your kids at any given moment. It works in real-time, and boasts trendy colors and a design that appeals to the little buggers who have a tendency to drift away (or who are attracted to strangers with candy in shady vans).

You simply secure the watch to your child’s wrist and then use the hereO app on your smartphone to keep track of his/her whereabouts. 

There’s also no roaming charge for the device as the watch features a built-in SIM card that auto-connects to local carriers. Moreover, you can use the app to also set specific parameters. For instance, it has the same (safety perimeter) function that the Filip has, notifying instantly when your little one leaves a predefined safety zone. A tamper alert is also available to notify you when your child takes off the watch.

HereO has an Indiegogo campaign that has almost reached its $100,000 goal. You still have less than 3 weeks to pre-order it (and maybe nab some cool benefits as an early backer) before it arrives to stores this autumn for $149.

Check out the HereO promotional video.

by Simon Khoury
Molecular Biologist turned technology journalist, Simon moved from browsing genomes to dissecting gadgets and putting them through T3's battery of tests. He is currently the Editor for, and a contributing editor to the Arabic and English editions of T3 Middle East magazine. He takes special interest in high performance computer systems, high-end smartphones, the indie gaming scene, and productivity boosting software. He is also an avid reader, science afficionado and a picky gamer. You can contact him at webeditor(at)