Here’s what we know about the AirPods Pro

October 27, 2019

The third-generation AirPods might be arriving this year.

Just a few weeks ago, a leaked image of what seems to be a new version of the AirPods went online. Dubbed as the ‘AirPods Pro’, these new headphones are said to have active noise cancellation which will be a first in the AirPods line.

The AirPods Pro rumors started when the image was discovered inside the iOS 13.2 beta. The image features the same wireless design with a new ear tip look that is consistent with most in-ear headphones. A new feature that’s also being added to the AirPods Pro is water resistance.

Additionally, rumors also suggest that Apple is releasing more colors for the AirPods, presumably to match the current colors of the iPhone 11, including the Midnight Green variant that debuted with the iPhone 11 Pro.

Seeing as that the AirPods Pro will have the new features mentioned above, expect the price to be higher than the current retail price of the original AirPods. It is likely that Apple will release the AirPods Pro, which will coincide with the rollout of iOS 13.2.

[AirPods Pro concept via Jablíčkář.cz]

by Victor
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