How fast is Etisalat’s 5G network? Watch here
February 10, 2020

A 4GB download on 5G finished faster than an actual skydive.

Etisalat is ramping up its 5G efforts – aside from offering the best 5G smartphones, the telecom company is also showing how fast 5G download speeds are through skydiving.

Yes, skydiving.

The challenge is that a person will skydive from a height of 15,000 feet with one premise: Can 5G download 5G just in time to open a parachute? While on freefall, skydivers would open their parachutes 30 seconds after jumping from that altitude. This means the 4GB download over 5G would need to be completed in the same amount of time or even less.

As you watch the video, you can see the excitement levels going high for the skydiver. Of course, the download was successful, 30 seconds was just enough for a 4GB game to be downloaded on a 5G device. This further proves that Etisalat’s 5G network is armed and ready for the next generation of cellular connectivity.

Watch the epic stunt below:

by Victor Philip Ortiz
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