HTC announces Yves Maitre as its new CEO
September 17, 2019

Maitre will lead the company’s 5G and VR efforts.

Yves Maitre, a former Orange executive, has been named as HTC’s new CEO. Maitre will take over from Cher Wang, who will be stepping down from the role while she remains chairperson of the company. Wang originally took over the role from Peter Chou four year ago in 2015.

HTC said that its focus will still be on VR, evident by the recent announcements of its updated Vive headsets. There will also be a push towards technologies such as XR (extended reality) along with 5G and AI when Maitre steps in. 

Cher Wang and Yves Maitre

“HTC has long been a bellwether for new technology innovation and I’m honored to be selected by the Board of Directors to lead the next phase of HTC,” said Maitre in a statement. “Across the world, HTC is recognized for its firsts across the mobile and XR space. I am incredibly energized to grow the future of both 5G and XR alongside HTC employees, customers and investors.  We will set out immediately to continue the transition from building the worlds’ best consumer hardware to also building complete services around them to make them easy to manage and deploy.”

HTC has continued to struggle in the smartphone market, but its efforts towards other key businesses may still put the company on the map. It’s still worrying though and as per this report from Engadget, HTC only made $770 million last year, where it’s the first time a public company like this saw less than $1 billion in revenue. 

by Victor Philip Ortiz
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