HTC One M8: New video emerges

March 24, 2014

The HTC One Two has suffered another knock out blow after a second extensive video showcasing the smartphone was leaked.

The all new HTC One is set to be unveiled in just over 24 hours. However, thanks to a series of leaks, it’s unlikely that we’ll hear anything we don’t already know, bar the price and when it will land.

In the latest video, the phone’s features are picked apart. The 14-minute video was posted to YouTube. The video is in German – and while I can speak four languages, Deutsch isn’t one of them, so I can’t really tell what’s being said. However, the video clearly shows the now familiar dual-sensor rear camera.

As well as new cameras it appears to come with a new larger display which does without the physical android buttons in favor of on-screen ones, as well as a new version of HTC Sense and BlinkFeed.

Release date

While it hasn’t been confirmed by HTC, it is looking increasingly likely that the HTC One M8 will go on sale shortly after the event… In the US and select European countries, at least.

Update: The video has since been pulled by YouTube. Sorry folks, you just need to watch the old one (

by Simon Khoury
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