Huawei WiFi Mesh 7: The connectivity and security your home deserves

April 28, 2022

Huawei’s recently announced WiFi Mesh 3 and WiFi Mesh 7 further expand its mesh router product portfolio. Available in two packs, the new Huawei smart mesh routers provide blazing-fast Wi-Fi 6 Plus connection speeds for up to 250 devices within 6,000 square feet, perfect for large households that demand high speed, reliable and secure Internet connectivity for everyone at home. Featuring a white race circuit design and a slim form factor, the Huawei WiFi Mesh 7 blends into any decor with style.

Huawei WiFi Mesh 7

Supporting AX6600 Tri-Band, the WiFi Mesh 7 features eight streams for extreme speeds up to 6,600Mbps, making smooth streaming of 8K media possible. The new smart mesh router also supports HarmonyOS Mesh+, including a wide range of networking solutions to ensure top Wi-Fi 6 Plus mesh performance for all users. Setup is simple, requiring only a few easy steps to establish the home network, and with One-Touch Connect, users can connect their smartphones to the mesh network securely with a single tap. For network management, users can take advantage of tools available on the compatible Huawei AI Life App to visualise coverage and self-diagnosis network issues. Privacy and security are safeguarded by HUAWEI HomeSec, which is a comprehensive security solution that supports the latest encryption standards to protect users against malicious attacks.

Lightning-fast Internet connection for the family

WiFi Mesh 7 is a new Wi-Fi 6 Plus mesh router designed to provide whole-home coverage even for large households. It supports AX6600 Tri-Band, which consists of a 5GHz-High band delivering data transmission speeds up to 4,804Mbps, 5GHz-Low band supporting up to 1201Mbps and the 2.4GHz channel for speeds up to 574Mbps. Combined, the tri-band router supports speeds of up to 6,600Mbps, which is enough to satisfy even some of the most demanding household use cases such as 8K media streaming. The Huawei WiFi Mesh 7 also supports 4K QAM and 4×4 MIMO, allowing phones to tap into the 5G-High band for high-speed Internet connectivity.

WiFi Mesh 7 is equipped with eight high-performance signal amplifiers, each dedicated to processing a specific frequency range. This enables a single unit of the Huawei WiFi Mesh 7 to provide Wi-Fi coverage to 3,000 square feet. Users may also connect the two smart routers to form a mesh network that provides signal coverage to an area measuring 6,000 square feet. The WiFi Mesh 7 can support as many as 250 concurrently connected devices, ranging from laptops, tablets, smartphones to smart speakers, and deliver stable connectivity for all family members, whether they are having conference calls, watching TV shows, or gaming.

Reap the benefits of mesh networking

Featuring HarmonyOS Mesh+, the WiFi Mesh 7 supports Tri-Band Super Networking, which combines the tri-band channels to form a connection overlay. This allows users to fully utilise the high theoretical speed by maximising bandwidth utilisation and throughput. Not only does it deliver exceptional speeds, but it also provides a network efficiency boost of 17 percent. HarmonyOS Mesh+ also enables Super Seamless Roaming, which supports eight roaming technologies to keep roaming switchover latency as low as 50ms, providing the freedom for users to move about at home with their connected devices without sacrificing network quality.

The router also supports Load Balancing for diverting traffic on the high-speed channel to other frequency ranges to prevent network congestion. For the best user experience, mobile phones, by default, enjoy preferential treatment as they get priority on the 5GHz-High Band for enhanced connection stability and signal reception.

Smarter ways to setup, connect and manage

The WiFi Mesh 7 is easy to set up, requiring no technical expertise to get the network online. Users need only plug the routers to power and follow instructions on the HUAWEI AI Life App to set up their home networks. The WiFi Mesh 7 also comes with four adaptive Gigabit WAN/LAN ports, meaning users can plug their WAN and LAN Ethernet cables into any of the ports during the setup process.

Pairing a smartphone with the WiFi Mesh 7 is equally intuitive as the router supports NFC, allowing users to tap an Android smartphone against the router to connect. This comes in especially handy for users who have guests visiting as it lets users share access to their Wi-Fi without sharing their password.

The Huawei AI Life app supports a wide array of network management tools such as Smart Diagnosis for users to easily troubleshoot network issues. Users can also view a visualised heatmap of their network coverage, helping them plan their router placements and eliminate any network blind spots.

From the app, users can access the full list of devices connected to the router, allowing them to disconnect any unwanted or unidentified devices from the network. Parents can also utilise the built-in Parental Control settings to set time limits and content restrictions for their children to prevent them from being exposed to age-inappropriate content.

Enjoy the security and privacy every home deserves

Consumers today expect more than just speed from a home router. They also want their routers to support a suite of security features that can protect them and their family from potential online risks. The WiFi Mesh 7 keeps the security and privacy for all connected devices in the home with Huawei HomeSec support. It offers comprehensive protection from malicious attacks and viruses through Anti-Brute Force and LAN Firewall. It also adopts the latest WPA3 authentication and encryption standard to provide added protection for connected devices.

The Huawei WiFi Mesh 7 retails starting at AED 1999, and the WiFi Mesh 3 starts at AED 1199 on the Huawei e-store, Huawei Experience Stores and Select Retailers across the UAE. UAE consumers will receive the Huawei Freelace with every Huawei Mesh 7 purchase, and the Huawei Smart Scale 3 with every Huawei Mesh 3 purchase.

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