Hyper just launched two world firsts in portable power

October 25, 2021

In the accessories segment, Hyper tends to go where few tread. So after introducing GaN chargers long before the herd caught on, Hyper have announced the world’s first and smallest 245W GaN Charging Station and world’s first 245W USB-C Battery Pack.

Let’s start off with the world’s first and smallest HyperJuice 245W GaN Charger, designed for the Work From Home (WFH) professional or enterprise looking to maximize power connectivity when outlet space may be sparse. With four 100W (max) USB-C Power Delivery ports powered by industry-leading GaN technology, users will be able to power four mid-size 60W laptops (like the 13” MacBook Pro/Air) or quick charge two large 100W laptops (16” MacBook Pro), tablet (iPad Pro) and smartphone (iPhone 13) all at the same time from a pocket-size charger.

Need power on the go? The world’s first HyperJuice 245W USB-C Battery Pack takes the same 245W of USB-C power on the road for the traveling professional or road warrior. It boasts a whopping 100Wh/27000mAh airline-safe battery capacity, two 100W (max) and two 65W (max) USB-C Power Delivery ports, giving you the ability to charge four USB-C devices like laptops, tablets, DSLR cameras, smartphones, drones, gaming consoles all at the same time. It features an illuminated OLED screen to inform users about the remaining battery capacity and charging power of each port and comes with a 100W input so that you can quickly recharge the battery in 1 hour using the HyperJuice 245W GaN Charger or any 100W USB-C charger.

The Hyper 245W GaN Charging Station will retail for $199 and the 245W USB-C Battery Pack at $299. Hyper is launching both HyperJuice products via an Indiegogo campaign which ends on November 15th, 2021 [It’s been oversubscribed by a mere 746%, btw]. Both HyperJuice products are expected to start shipping in December 2021.

by Anil George
Avid follower of all things tech. In between his quest for the ultimate gizmo, Anil fiddles with light meters, collects rare books and feeds his fetish for Jap horror movies. As Managing Editor of T3 Middle East for the GCC, Anil oversees content direction across print and digital. He was a CES 2020 Innovation Awards Judge, reprising his role as an Innovation Awards Judge at CES 2018, CES 2017, 2016 and 2015. Anil is also the Middle East's first Brand Ambassador for Ashdown Engineering. Reach him at: editor@t3me.com.