ICYMI: Careem hit with massive data breach affecting millions of customers
April 24, 2018
Careem News

The incident happened in January.

A recent data breach was confirmed by ride-hailing company Careem. The company says the breach involved an ‘unauthorized access’ to the system where it stored user data. They did claim that there wasn’t any evidence of the information being mishandled, though many are worried since the attack happened in January and were only being informed now.

Careem said that customer and captain (driver) information data might be compromised though it said that users who have signed up after January 14th are not affected. Once it has learned of the breach, Careem has been working actively with cybersecurity firms and law enforcement agencies to tackle the issue.

Careem did say that credit card numbers were not compromised since it is stored in a separate secure server. Still, it still recommends everyone to check their statements just to be aware of any unauthorized charges.

Careem insists that every user change its password settings along with changing login details for accounts with similar passwords.

A detailed breakdown of the data breach can be found on Careem’s blog.

Are you a Careem customer? How do you feel about the recent security incident? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

by Victor Philip Ortiz
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