Etisalat ranks first in global mobile network speeds

UAE leads among 135+ countries.

The UAE currently has the fastest mobile network speeds in the world, where it lead a list on the global mobile index during the first quarter of 2021. The milestone comes as the UAE celebrates its Golden Jubilee this year.

With a download speed of 178.2 Mbps in March, UAE overtook South Korea and Qatar for the mobile broadband speed test. The country also came first during the first two months of the years, gaining 183.03 Mbps in January and 177.10 Mbps in February.

The Speed Test Global index assesses more than 135 countries where it compares internet speed data from each location monthly. From there the data is accumulated from the millions of tests taken by people that use the speed test every month.

It was also explained how mobile network speed is a major contributing factor to the well-being, economic wealth and social prosperity of a nation. This achievement by Etisalat definitely has a lot of favourable implications for future aspirations with regards to the country’s ICT agenda.

The achievement is also a testament to Etisalat’s efforts in line with its strategy and vision to ‘Drive the digital future to empower societies.’

by Victor Philip Ortiz
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff. When he’s not busy playing with the latest games, Victor usually spends his time collecting Blu-rays and building his own movie library. As the Online Editor for T3 Middle East, he develops and writes content for which includes reviews, features, and videos in addition to managing its social media and web content.