Huawei announces Q1 2019 results, with 39% YOY revenue increase
April 23, 2019

Huawei have announced their business results for the first quarter of 2019. In Q1 of this year, Huawei generated CNY179.7 billion in revenue, an increase of 39% year-on-year. The company’s net profit margin in Q1 2019 was about 8%, slightly higher than the same period last year.

Huawei maintained its focus on ICT infrastructure and smart devices, and continued to boost the efficiency and quality of its operations, which has helped contribute to its solid performance in Q1 2019. On the smartphone front, in Q1 2019, Huawei shipped 59 million smartphones.

2019 will be a year of large-scale deployment of 5G around the world, and by the end of March 2019, Huawei had signed 40 commercial contracts for 5G with leading global carriers, and shipped more than 70,000 5G base stations to markets around the world.

Also in Q1 2019, Huawei’s Enterprise Business Group launched its Digital Platform and its new “Huawei Inside” strategy. Huawei’s Enterprise Business Group also deployed the world’s first 5G-enabled Wi-Fi 6 access point. As of the end of Q1 2019, Huawei shipped more Wi-Fi 6 products than any other company worldwide.

Huawei Cloud is again a key focus point, with the vision of building the best possible hybrid cloud, provide full-stack AI solutions for intelligent industries, and making inclusive AI a reality. More than one million enterprise users and developers have chosen to work with Huawei Cloud. In Q1, Huawei Cloud services were launched in Singapore, and Huawei Cloud released its AI model market. Huawei Cloud’s one-stop-shop AI development platform – modelarts – came first in both image classification training and inference in the Stanford dawnbench deep learning competition.

by Anil George
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