LG steps into online e-commerce market in Saudi Arabia

June 21, 2020

Opens the first online store in the Kingdom.

Last weekend, LG Electronics has announced the launch of its first online store in Saudi Arabia that will now let customers purchase their line of products that include TVs, home appliances, cell phones, electronics products, and air conditioners all in one click.

LG said that the online store was launched aster it realized that customers seem to visit different LG-authorized distributors looking for a specific product which at times is a hassle. The convenience of having an online store only makes it easier for customers to look for a specific product and have it shipped directly to their homes. What’s more, LG will also facilitate shipping and installation as it is part of the benefits when purchasing online.

Each product presented in LG’s online store will not only provide various information but will also include reviews and instructional manuals that are free for you to download. This will hopefully give you a more informed choice when making a purchase just like when you visit a brick-and-mortar store.

There will also be tracking options for deliveries along with after-sales maintenance service. There will be two designated remote centers for customer service, one for home appliances and entertainment systems and one for air conditioners.

LG’s Online Store is available in English and will also include various offers exclusive only to online purchases. You can also register and stay up to date with their newest product releases. 

Check out LG’s online store at https://shop.lg.com/sa_en.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.