ViewSonic’s myViewBoard Classroom aimed for the Education sector

July 29, 2020

A collaborative tool for educational content.

ViewSonic today is launching the myViewBoard Classroom, a new collaborative tool that will help deliver educational content across students, classes, or even individuals. It helps promote visual learning and participation, in a time where most classes are now held virtually while staying safe at home.

“The pandemic has forever changed our world and affected all aspects of our lives. In education, teachers are oscillating between virtual and physical classrooms. However, the tools they used for distance learning at the beginning of the school closures are often not transferable to the physical classroom when on-site learning is required,” said Craig Scott, CTO at ViewSonic. “We have made it our mission to develop a hybrid teaching tool that provides a seamless transition between the physical and virtual spaces and offers teachers the capabilities to continue inspiring their students with engaging lessons regardless of location.”

myViewBoard Classroom is an all-in-one solution that comes with a digital whiteboard canvas that you can present immediately in real-time. It also lets teachers control when the student can ask questions or make comments similar to a physical classroom setting. There is also a way for teachers to manage who can display their screens in class that’s perfect for presentations. A handy Hand Raise push-to-talk feature along with remote writing tools helps students become more active in participating in online sessions.

ViewSonic added that myViewBoard was given free of charge to K12 schools, colleagues, and universities since March of this year. After the positive feedback from educational institutions, myViewBoard Entity will be given as a complimentary offer for all institutions.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.