Instagram deletes thousands of fake accounts

December 21, 2014

And exposes some users that only ‘bought’ some followers.

Instagram has started deleted spam account s over the past few days, in which it somehow inadvertently showed which top users of the platform has just been buying followers on the platform.

The cleanup, which was dubbed the ‘Instapurge’ and the ‘Instagram Rapture’ by the media also affected some famous celebrities using it. Justine Bieber for example, lost 3.5 million followers, which account for 15% of his total following (he currently has 20.3 million followers). Other famous faces like Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande both lost a couple of million followers as well.

In total, Instagram has purged more than 18.8 million accounts – but surprisingly while others welcome the move to filter out spam, other users are complaining that the loss of these spam account might affects their credibility. I guess they didn’t realize the purge itself already has tainted their online presence. One such user used to have more than 3 million followers, but after the purge his number went down to only 8 followers. The user quickly deleted the account right after.

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by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.