Intel shuts down its business entities in Egypt
April 13, 2014

Intel has just released a statement announcing that it has closed its business units in Egypt.

The company has ascertained that the decision it made was not based on the political situation in the country or region. Intel claims that it decided to make the move in order to enhance the corporation.

There is still no word on how many jobs will be lost due to the company’s shutdown, nor how many or if any employees are expected to be relocated.

Intel Mobile Communications, which plays a great role in the R&D sector in Egypt, will be greatly affected.

Due to the ongoing decrease in sales predicted for the PC market in 2014, Intel had previously warned about possibly cutting thousands of jobs.

Regardless of the move to close down the business units, Intel stated that it will still have a presence in Egypt, but it did not elaborate on which sector of the market the company was referring to.

The news has drawn some angry posts made by Intel employees on Intel’s Facebook page for Egypt. 

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