Introducing a new lively display unit for retail: MirrorBox

July 4, 2014

DisplayMapper, a division of UK-based Projection Artwork, has just announced its first project: MirrorBox.


MirrorBox is basically a new, free-standing POS display unit. It lets a very bright 3D projection mapping beam onto physical items in retail environments to be visible in daylight.

New high-brightness projection technology was combined with the DisplayMapper team’s innovative design along with the incorporation of mirrors and specialist lenses. The result? A complete projection is mapped onto products for a very cool indoor display solution.

When blended with the mirrored effect inside the box, the HD display sitting behind the item allows for revealing captivating patterns.

Controlled and updated from a central network, the DisplayMapper’s cloud-based software is used in the MirrorBox so that clients can develop their own individual content and deliver it to numerous MirrorBoxes.

“Thanks to the DisplayMapper system, MirrorBox enables clients to utilize their existing content in daylight-visible retail displays,” explains Tom Burch, managing director of DisplayMapper and Projection Artworks. “Mirror Box is the first of a whole new generation of POS displays, driven by a relatively low-cost 3D projection system that can centrally control and distribute valuable content to hundreds of MirrorBox displays situated across the globe. There’s nothing you would normally associate with a projector install – no keyboard, no monitors, no cable runs. It’s all self-contained, controlled by an app and very easy to use.”

Third parties can be used to create custom MirrorBox pieces by incorporating DisplayMapper’s technology.

MirrorBox can either be bought or used for campaigns spanning one to three months. It will officially be launched from July 16-22 at ProjectionArtwork offices in London. 

by micha
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