Introducing CME Offshore’s Independence Day Mobile App Competition!

October 28, 2014

Lebanon’s Independence Day is getting greeted with the works of computer engineers who are entering a Mobile App challenge organized by the Lebanese software engineering company, CME offshore.

The Independence Day Mobile App competition was just launched this weekend on Facebook. The challenge requires participants to create a mobile app based on the theme of Independence Day before midnight on Novemeber 22nd.

Winners will enjoy a $2,000 cash prize along with chance to work at CME Offshore.

“The idea came over lunch, in a brainstorming among our diverse team members coming from all parts of the country, and who are eager to contribute together to their environment,” said Project Manager Gilberte Tanios in regards to the competition’s launch.

The winning app is expected to be an influential one and inspiring message to the youth from all around the country, namely, the new-gen internet crowd as well as computer professionals nationwide.

“This competition is not only about technology, it’s about a vision, a culture to which we aspire, a tribute to our patriotic heroes, and a country that we would like to recover, line of code after line of code” said CME Offshore’s General Manager Wissam Youssef.

The jury that’ll give its final decision is made up of the company’s young technical frontrunners who will take into consideration everything from the number of downloads to the reviews. The decisions will be based on a democratic selection process.

To join the competition:

Results will be announced on November 30th. Best of luck to those entering the challenge!

by micha
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