iPhone craze in China is out of control

November 12, 2014

In the latest iPhone 6 related incident in China, a man proposed to his girlfriend while standing inside of a heart shaped arrangement of 99 iPhone 6s. Unfortunately for the young man, this was not quite enough to satisfy his girlfriend’s requirements, as she rejected the proposal.

The gesture reportedly cost the man about $85,000 and his dignity, as there was a formidable audience surrounding him as he proposed. The girlfriend reportedly stormed off after he popped the question.

But the news isn’t all bad; he will likely make a lot of cash reselling all of the phones online. Despite the iPhone 6’s availability in China, demand is so high that it incredibly easy to resell them. Before the official Chinese release, people were so desperate to get their hands on one that there were cases of people offering to exchange their kidneys for one. People were also caught at China’s airports with more than 30 iPhones taped to their bodies, illegal in China because this avoids sales tax on the phones. 

Photo from: Weibo

by ryan

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