iPhone users are 50 percent ‘dirtier’ than Android users

August 12, 2015

Start washing those hands.

UK online retailer Brighthouse has just released a study about the cleanliness of everyday gadgets. Part of the test included 170 items that ranged from game controllers to smartphones and even remote controls.

As a standard, Brighthouse says that a hygiene score of 100 is considered acceptable in terms of cleanliness. But some items they have tested had hygiene scores of 697 to 3,060. That is one nasty smartphone.

It also showed that a majority of smartphone users with a bad hygiene score used an iPhone. Though it is not an indication about each user’s personal hygiene, it was concluded that iPhone users tend to use their smartphones more compared to Android users.

It somehow also confirms that smartphones tend to carry more bacteria compared to other personal devices, that is why it is suggested that you always keep your devices clean by using a cleaning cloth to wipe out smudges and fingerprints at least once a week – or in my case, every other day.

Source: Brighthouse

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.