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Kickstarter Focus: Turn your iPhone into the ultimate hi-res audio device!
March 19, 2017

Let’s check out this new accessory for iPhone users.

Every once in a while we get revolutionary products that truly define the needs of the user – and while RES looks like a simple accessory for the Apple iPhone, it’s features are beyond letting you charge and listen to your device.

RES was dubbed as the ‘ultimate solution for non-stop hi-res music while charging the charging the iPhone 7’ – but it isn’t just a dongle. The small device actually has a built-in digital-to-analog converter (hi-res DAC 24 bits 192 khz) that offers a 3.5 mm audio port along with the standard lightning port so you can charge and listen to your tunes at the same in the best quality possible.

Not only that, but RES also supports Qi wireless charging standard, meaning that you can charge the smartphone wirelessly using a charging pad similar to other Android devices.

The was you look at it, RES actually is one accessory that offers more features to your iPhone. It can literally turn your smartphone into a high-end audio device where you can now pair it with more premium headphones.

RES may seem like it’s only built for the iPhone, but the makers have just announced that a microUSB and a USB-C version will also be made available so everyone gets to share the love.

Check more details about RES on their Kickstarter page, which already has blown past its funding goal.

[Image credit: Kickstarter/RES]

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