Know the rules: TRA issues guidelines on uploading videos in the UAE

December 31, 2014

A guide for uploading videos online.

YouTube has become a whole different platform for sharing content online. However, residents in the UAE should know that the TRA (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority) also has other additional provisions that you must follow when uploading content on YouTube

From a white paper that you can download and view online, a few provisions are highlighted when you want to uploaded various content on YouTube.

A few of these guidelines point to various basic rules like that prohibits uploading of pornography or any video that is sexually explicit in nature along with others like graphic or violent content.

A big part of the white paper details on how videos shouldn’t upload videos of other people without their consent, as these users can file a case against you. “The laws of the UAE prohibit the publication of content, which is contrary to public morals, the principles of Islam and the social and moral welfare of the UAE, or any content that contains irreverence towards Islam and any other heavenly religions. The content must also respect the UAE Government, its leadership, political institutions and ultimately the UAE’s cultural heritage and social norms and customs,” a statement from TRA said.

Be sure to check the entire document and know the rules.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.