Kodak ups its game in the action cam market

November 3, 2014

Go Pro fans may be changing their minds after getting their hands on this great new action camera by Kodak. It’s called the PixPro sp360, and as the name infers, it shoots a 360 degree view of whatever it is you’re doing.

Utilizing a dome shaped housing for the lens; the HD camera can move around and capture your entire surrounding. The camera can then format the movies into different display formats such as 360, dome, ring, and globe.

Another great feature of the camera is its ability to detect activity and begin rolling. This would certainly come in handy if say you leapt out of a plane too early on your next skydive, or took a spill on your mountain bike on the way to the track. At the end of the day, the camera can take all your footage and make a time-lapse clip to show your lazy friends what they missed out on.

For a company that has been through bankruptcies and product dropping, this is a really cool offering. It really does what a Go-Pro does, but much better. As a photographer, I really want to pick one of these up!

by ryan

Writer, Photographer, News Junkie. You can often find him experimenting in the kitchen or planning his next trip. Also a big fan of documentaries, he is eager to constantly learn more about this world we live in. Send him an email at ryan@t3me.com