Leak Alert: Samsung’s purported Gear VR headset images surface

July 9, 2014

Just as Sony’s Project Morpheus was giving the Oculus Rift a run for its money, it seems Samsung has caught the virtual reality bug, too.

According to SamMobile, the above image it published is the first of Samsung’s first virtual reality headset, supposedly dubbed “Gear VR”.

Previous reports made a few weeks ago stated that this headset is the product of a partnership between Oculus VR and Samsung.  Oculus is reportedly in charge of producing the Gear VR’s user interface.

Although, the Gear VR is rumored to break the norm in what we usually expect to see from traditional virtual reality headsets.   

It will most likely be on par with Google’s Cardboard that lets users build their own DIY cardboard viewer that holds their Android device.

So as for strapping a smartphone onto your face, if you fancy that, you’ll probably be a fan of the upcoming Gear VR. It is to provide a comfier strapping made up of some extra padding and elastic band.

Its looks may not fall into the category of best-looking at the moment, but we should expect to see more soon since the above image seems to just be a rendered version of the device.

What about losing one’s sense of orientation when wearing the device? Samsung has the remedy for that. The company apparently plans to allow users to access their Galaxy smartphones’ rear cam to get a view of their surroundings.

Expect to be able to control the software on the VR headset through a built-in touchpad.

As for the release, we may expect to see the device in September at IFA along with the unveiling of Galaxy Note 4, but there’s still no word on its price tag.

Stay tuned!

by micha
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