Leak Alert: What the HTC M8 may look like

February 7, 2014

A Russian website just released images of what could be the next HTC handset.

Although there is still no official confirmation on the release date of HTC’s latest smartphone, mobiletelfon.ru, a Russian website, has unveiled some images of what it claims to be the HTC M8.

The released images have a rather close correlation to the rumors about what the next-gen HTC smartphone is expected to look like, so this somewhat downplays the fact that the pictures’ authenticity have yet to be confirmed.  

Looking like the original model, the phone has screen buttons rather than capacitive ones.

In terms of the phone’s release, rumors are still circulating that HTC will probably show it by the end of this month at the Mobile World Congress. Seeing as though Samsung is also rumored to be revealing the Galaxy S5 at the event, HTC may hold back showing the M8 for the time being, so it could have its own limelight.

The fact that the leaked images of the HTC M8 show different screens, one having buttons while the other doesn’t, raises some doubts about how accurate the pictures are. Regardless of how close they are to reality, we will remain curious to see what’s in store.


by micha
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