Lenovo is coming out with a ‘true’ all screen smartphone
May 14, 2018

Check out the Lenovo Z5.

The latest trend in smartphones this year may be the elimination of bezels – and while smartphones like the iPhone X offer an all-screen experience, many would still complain about its infamous notch that has now made its way to Android devices as well.

But in the case of Lenovo’s upcoming Z5 smartphone, it will be entirely different: this will be an all-screen smartphone that will have a screen ratio of almost 95 percent. Lenovo said that it has packed various technologies into the display, though it wasn’t clear if this includes a fingerprint sensor or a camera that’s placed behind the screen.

From the design concept above, it does looks like this will be an all-screen device, but many are concerned about what lengths Lenovo had to go through to make this possible. Let’s just hope that there aren’t compromises on its features.

No word yet on when the Lenovo Z5 will launch – but that time might come sooner than expected

by Victor Philip Ortiz
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