Lenovo’s new ThinkPads offer more power on the go

August 12, 2015

The P50 and P70 will be fitted with the new Intel Xeon processors.

Lenovo’s line of ThinkPads may be one of the best performing business notebooks available – and it’s about to get even better. After the announcement that Intel will be bringing its Xeon processor to notebook PCs for the first time, Lenovo has just announced that its ThinkPad P50 and P70 will be getting the Xeon spec upgrade.

Based on Intel’s new Skylake architecture, these new processors will be powering Lenovo’s new notebooks and can support up to 64 GB of RAM and up to 1 TB of SSD storage. Along with that, it will also have support for two USB-C Thunderbolt ports. You can also have the option of using a touchscreen or a 4k display.

Prices for these notebooks start at $1,599 for the P50 and $1,999 for the P70. Additional upgrades for the notebooks include your choice of any operating system, including Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7.

Despite these powerful notebooks brining computation on the go, it will won’t be as lightweight as most ultra-portable notebooks, with the P50 weighing 5.6 pounds and the P70 weighing 7.5 pounds.

The notebooks are scheduled to be released later this year.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.