LG showcases the world’s first Curved OLED television at CES 2013

January 14, 2013

With television technology taking center stage at CES 2013, LG brings out their curve ball, a curved screen

This is the EA9800, the first siting of a curved television screen featuring OLED technology. No other words will be able to explain this curved OLED television other than it’s a very similar experience to looking through a windowsill at the outside world.

In order to mimic reality through a television screen, LG had to incorporate several features including a High Dynamic Range algorithm, ensuring consistent contrast ratios and maximum color separation.

The television’s body is ultra-slim thanks to the new OLED incorporation. In OLED televisions, each diode can produce its own light, ending its dependence on a separate backlight that normally would take up quite a lot of space in television housing. What makes it even more appealing is LG’s use of something called CFPR, Carbon-Fiber Reinforced Plastic, reducing the weight of the television while adding strength to the build at the same time.

Also improved is an aspect that needed quite an improvement: the wall bracket. Buy an LG OLED television now and you’ll only need one person to install thanks to the easy-to-mount design, finishing off with a gap from the television to the wall at less than one inch.

These curved OLED televisions will also be shipping out including the company’s Cinema 3D and Smart TV technology.

by Ramzi Ayash
Ramzi Ayash is the Beirut Editor of T3 Middle East Magazine. By day he ensures all facts are checked, events are covered, and design is at top quality. By night he dives onto the video game grid, exploring new digital worlds on his PlayStation 3.