Makook Home Special: Should Your Home Get a Gym Membership?

March 2, 2016

Authored by John Larson 

Your home is out of shape. That’s right; your home is functioning on the equivalent of cheese burger breakfasts, GMO-infused packaged lunches, fried chicken dinners, and a steady flow of sodas and sugary snacks in between, with so many artificial preservatives that they will outlive the extinction of mankind by a few hundred years.

 “How did this happen?” you ask, “Maybe my home is a little lazy, but it doesn’t appear to be that bad.”

Obviously, you cannot see the wasted calories, bulging mid-section, and poor heart-health of your home because it does not actually manifest these symptoms as would a person or living thing. What it does exhibit, however, are signs of wasted energy, wasted money, and ineffective operation. Indeed, if you compare your home in this fashion to a person with these habits versus a person who is consciously making smart choices about their health and diet, you will quickly see the signs and benefits of getting your home in smart shape.

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So, where do we begin to eliminate that bulging waistline, the flabby bits, and the unhealthy habits and move to a smarter and more beneficial lifestyle to get your home into shape?

While there may be maintenance elements that need some attention – leaky pipes, poor heat insulation, and drafty windows, for example – you probably already recognize these things. What you may not recognize just yet, however, is the difference to your home’s health and happiness that you can make by controlling and combining the workings of many elements of your home through Smart Living. And when you make your home healthier and happier, you are making your life and lifestyle more efficient, enjoyable, and suited to you and your family.

Carrying on with this analogy, the excess calories being “consumed” by your out-of-shape home are the wasted dollars you spend by not realizing the savings from lower electricity usage, for example. Lights left on for no one or no reason, water heaters that boil all day and night, A/C units that cool excessively or when no one is at home all contribute to excess calories that can be cut conveniently by adding a bit of “smartness” to your home.

As for the bulging midsection of your lazy home, it is the excessive and ineffective use of many devices, such as automated curtains and security cameras, resulting from the fact that they are stand-alone, physically separated, and not combined with your activity through Smart Living. The simple setting of ‘If-This-Then-That’ scenes (for instance, if I wake up then the curtains open and the kettle turns on) and of ‘timings’ (such as if you need hot water every morning at the same time) gives you the control of your home to eliminate that excess and waste.

Finally, your home’s poor blood circulation refers to the flow of your everyday life, the ease of connectivity that you have to all parts of it. This can start to be addressed with two basic enhancements to your digital life. One, the ability to monitor the activity in your home keeps you in touch. Whether it is cameras that watch the baby, the front door, or the living room, or sensors that let you know if doors and windows are open or closed, you can see and be notified of what is happening at home from wherever you are. Two, your library of videos, music and photographs stored on your personal cloud at home, becomes accessible to you anywhere in the world. Both enhancements help create a more seamlessly interconnected life and a strong, healthy circulation for your home.

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eHealth and eEducation are in their early stages, but they will soon become part of your healthy Smart Home. Most of what is currently available on the market is stand-alone products and apps that are the equivalent of going for a healthy walk after dinner – but only doing it once instead of combining this with an overall, healthy program for your life. As these areas begin to work in combination with the other elements of your healthy Smart Home, becoming integrated in your home-management system, they too will become valuable contributing pieces of your Smart lifestyle.

Of course, all of the elements that contribute to getting your home “in shape” should be accessible to you across multiple screens and from wherever you might be. Your access should also be highly secure. This is the premise of Makook Smart Living; your home’s gym membership.

Makook can bring all of this to your home, your family, your life, and your lifestyle. Makook is providing the first connectivity platform that is wrapped with a support service, to enable ubiquitous and simple access and interactions between people, data, services, and devices. This delivers what others have only promised: a truly seamless, connected life where everyone and everything speaks the same digital language and interacts in ways never possible before.

Built for a full digital-life experience in one package, this includes additional entertainment options receivable over-the-top of your regular TV feed (OTT), a personal media player, a home-automation controller which allows you to utilize monitoring cameras, lighting and power controls, a multitude of sensors, and many more Internet-of-Things devices in your home. This platform is also future proof and will continue to integrate more options as they become available in eHealth, eLearning, gaming, etc. This is Makook Smart Living.

Makook is not a technology company or even about technology. Instead, we are about bringing meaningful lifestyle experiences to people in a new world of hyper-connected devices.

Live Smartly Ever After.

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