Makook Smart Living Special Feature: “This is the Life I Lead”

April 6, 2015

Wondering about home automation?


There is no shortage of articles, television advertisements and conversation about this subject all around you.  Everyone from technology companies to property developers and retail stores are interested in offering you some form of automation in your home.  There are lots of ‘stand-alone’ products and devices – too many in fact – and that can make it difficult to see the practical application of how this can benefit you and make your life a little easier, more convenient, comfortable and secure.

So, how do people actually use many of these things you are hearing about in their everyday lives?  And more importantly: How will you use these?  Do you want these?

To help understand what automation would ‘look and feel’ like in your life, some comments from actual users of home automation are often the best way to gain a perspective.  Below are some real-world uses in combining devices to respond to your comfort, convenience, safety and preferences, from people who are today enhancing their lives with ‘Smart Living’.


Will you get the lights please?

“Every evening at sunset, a table lamp with energy efficient bulb is turned on in our sitting room, giving us a warm homely light that brightens up our evenings. At the same time, a similar table lamp turns on in our bedroom on the top floor. These lights go off automatically at midnight”.

“In our house, a motion sensor triggers the lights when I walk to the stairs to go to bed, another if I am going downstairs at night.  I have different lights, A/C, music and door locks set for when I come home, when I go to bed and when I wake up”.

Keeping an eye on things.

“On the front door an Infrared outdoor cam is armed past midnight to keep a watchful eye on movement in and out of the house, taking short 30s films of our young family’s turbulent activities and sending these to my phone and email”.

Mind the kids.

“We have young children and we tend to worry about them. Their bedrooms now have special motion and sound detection gadgets, and when I am watching TV, a camera triggers a picture in picture pop-up onscreen to alert me as soon as their sleep is disrupted. My husband also loves to connect with his mobile phone from work, and watch them playing.”

Minimize wasted energy.

“Our household has no less than 6 water heaters over the various sinks and bathrooms. Remotely controlled switches and scenes set to go on a certain times allow us to use these heaters efficiently, making sure they are turned off when we are away and avoiding the risk of annoying heater leaks during our vacations. It also means that we can have hot water ready at our leisure”.

A touch of luxury.

“I enjoy the light dropping whenever I push ‘play’ on a movie and coming back up when I pause or the movie is finished.  It’s not a critical thing but it makes me feel a bit luxurious when I relax to watch a movie at home”.

Breakdown alert.

“A smart plug on my fridge and another one on the pool pump will send SMS and email alerts, should either of these breakdown and stop working. This means that I am not surprised by spoiled food and nasty smells or my pool water looking like a drainage ditch”.

Peace of Mind.

“My elderly mother lives alone across town. I have easily installed some automation sensors and I now receive a simple SMS notice every morning, as soon as she enters her kitchen to make tea and breakfast. It is nice to be able to afford some peace of mind”.

These are some examples of how other people are using home automation to enhance and improve their lives in a very practical way.  I am sure that you will find some of these useful for yourself, and will find more and varied uses, for what this element of ‘Smart Living’ can add to your life.  There is no real limit and with the right ‘Home Center’ to easily connect more devices as you go, the possibilities are yours to imagine.

Technology has already changed the way we connect and communicate, but now it is changing the way we live, for the better, and it is the sole focus of Makook Smart Living.

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Makook is connected; we provide the first managed service delivery platform to enable ubiquitous and simple access and interactions between people, data, services and devices.  This delivers what others have only promised: a truly seamless connected life where everyone and everything speak the same ‘digital language’ and interact in ways never possible before.

Makook is instrumented; we deliver entertainment, education, health and wellness, a private cloud, home security, automation, energy management, and enhanced communication services, all on a single managed platform.  From devices like mobile/smartphones, TVs, tablets and PCs to utilities like security systems, thermostats, and glucometers, everything lives on the same platform and speaks the same language.

Makook is intelligent; we are not a technology company or even about technology.  Instead, we are about bringing meaningful lifestyle experiences to people in a new world of hyper-connected devices.

Live Smartly Ever After.

by micha
Micheline has a a sweet-tooth for dark chocolate and cappuccinos, an almost obsessive-compulsive aversion to dust on Blu-ray discs, and a passion for regularly playing tennis on her Nintendo Wii. Matched with her love of writing, she is the Editor of T3 Middle East's Levant English publication and English website, and the Associated Editor for the GCC English publication.