Microsoft announces January 21st event

January 19, 2015

A briefing on Windows 10.

Microsoft has just announced an event that will take place on January 21st at 9 am Pacific Time (that would be 9 pm Dubai Time) that would reveal more about the upcoming operating system from the Redmond company, Windows 10.

The event will be livestreamed on this link and will include announcements not only about Windows 10 but everything about the platform that also includes tablets and smartphones.

The event will be headlined by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella along with other Microsoft executives. Windows 10 is scheduled to be released later this year and includes a total revamp of the entire operating system that will see it compatible with any screen size – meaning that for smartphones, tablets, notebooks and desktops there will be one unified operating system where all apps are compatible.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.