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Microsoft bids Hasta la Vista to Windows Vista
March 17, 2017

Company will end support to the operating system next month.

Windows Vista may be one of the most hated operating systems released by Microsoft (yes, we still remember Windows ME) but despite the criticisms a fair number of users are still using it.

If you are one them, then it’s time to consider upgrading to a new operating system as Microsoft is ceasing support for Vista on April 11 – less than a month from today. This means that it will no longer receive any security patches and other updates along with the discontinuation of technical support from Microsoft.

This comes after the 10 anniversary of the famed operating system. Windows Vista was hyped before it was launched since it featured a brand new interface that’s significantly different from Windows XP. But many users complained about the ridiculous system requirements and the often sluggish and buggy follow up to the well-received Windows XP.

That being said, Microsoft said that only 0.78 percent of PC users are using Windows Vista so chances are you are using a non-Vista machine.

Hasta la Vista, Windows Vista.

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