Microsoft’s wearable is being discontinued

October 4, 2016

The Band 2 never really caught on with the Apple Watch.

Microsoft’s Band 2 fitness tracker may be one of the better wearables out in the market, but it seems like it can’t get the same amount of success attained by competing Android Wear devices and of course, the Apple Watch.

Microsoft even did a promotion where you can trade in your existing Apple Watch for a new Microsoft Band 2 device – but all of that didn’t really help with the sales of the device.

As of this moment, Microsoft has pulled out all of its devices on its online stores and won’t be selling it anymore. It was also confirmed that the company is not planning to release a successor to the Microsoft Band this year.

But owners of the Microsoft Band need not to worry as the company also said that it will be continuing product support for the device.

Cult of Mac reported that a team that was tasked to bring Windows 10 to the Microsoft Band is also being discontinued, which somehow sets the fate for the wearable.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.