Le Wagon is the world’s biggest coding school – and it’s coming to Dubai
August 3, 2020

First boot camp in the UAE is launching in Dubai.

Known as the world’s leading coding school in the world, Le Wagon has just announced its first boot camp that’s launching in Dubai. Le Wagon is already known for providing the most i-demand skills in an immersive and hands-on curriculum that has found success in 39 cities around the world with more than 8,000 graduates.

Le Wagon said that Dubai is the perfect place to launch its new coding course, just when Dubai is being nicknamed as the Silicon Valley of the Middle East. Evident by the city’s increasing dependence on online services and platforms, the demand for skilled graduates is also increasing.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has also been an increasing demand for Digital Transformation for both large-scale and SME businesses. Part of the ‘new normal’ is a whole new strategy that utilizes technology to help solve various processors. This in turn would require experts such as Software Engineers, Product Managers, Growth Hackers, or UX/UI Designers to fulfill these needs.

Le Wagon said that its boot camps provide a comprehensive human experience for students that can help shape their skills through a 360-degree approach. This includes how to start with an effective set-up for designing solid software architecture and then apply it to day-to-day work. 

The course runs for nine weeks, faster than what other universities can offer, and usually lasts over a year. The course is immersive and also intensive, which students having dedicated teacher support along with a special career coaching when the course ends.

“We’re really excited to bring Le Wagon to Dubai. The UAE is famous across the globe for its forward-thinking advances and innovation within technology. We want to develop a talent pool here in the region, to ensure residents have the highest coding skills and problem-solving mindsets to achieve the very best rolls within companies here and around the world,” said Charlotte Margus, Le Wagon’s Country Manager in the UAE.

Le Wagon’s first boot camp will be starting on September 27th, 2020 lasting for nine weeks. After seven weeks, the students will then be asked to build a clone of complex web applications like Airbnb to showcase what they’ve learned. The last two weeks will then be dedicated to group projects where it can be an opportunity for business ideas to come to life – who knows, fellow students can also be future entrepreneurs. 

Students who graduate the course will receive an internationally recognized certification that can help jumpstart their own careers or even their own business.

More details can be found on lewagon.com/dubai.

by Victor Philip Ortiz
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