UAE makes history as Hope Probe arrives in Mars orbit

February 10, 2021

A proud moment for the UAE.

It’s official: the UAE Emirates Mars Mission (EMM) has achieved a milestone as its Hope Probe has reached the Mars Orbit Insertion (MOI) last night at 7:42 pm UAE local time. This monumental event is the result of years of preparation and the completion of the probe’s 7-month journey to the red planet. The Hope Probe was launched last July from the Tanegashima Space Station in Japan.

The EMM is also the first interplanetary mission that was undertaken by an Arab nation, making it another milestone not just for the UAE but also for the rest of the Middle East. The achievement comes just in time for the 50th year of the UAE’s Union formation. The UAE is also the first Arab country and the fifth nation to reach Mars.

The Hope Probe was designed to orbit Mars and study the planet’s dynamics on a global scare, factoring in diurnal and seasonal timescales. There will be three scientific instruments on board, where it will be able to provide a set of measurements that will help understand the weather and circulation of the Martian atmosphere.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.