World’s Largest Fountain opens in Dubai using 3,000 LED lights

October 5, 2020

The Palm Fountain will open on October 22nd.

Dubai’s on the record books once again as it prepares to inaugurate the world’s largest fountain. Called ‘The Palm Fountain,’ it will be located at The Pointe at the Palm Jumeirah and will cover more than 14,000 sqft of seawater.

The Palm Fountain will shoot water up to 105 meters and will employ the use of 3,000 LED lights making it the only multicolored fountain in Dubai. It will have 20 shows, with 5 running daily between sunset to midnight. The Palm Fountain will be dancing to an array of popular songs from pop, classical, and Khaleeji. Each show will last around three minutes.

Nakheel Malls is proud to launch The Palm Fountain, a celebration of Dubai’s resilience and building on the expanding portfolio of iconic attractions on Palm Jumeirah. As pioneers of retail and lifestyle destinations in Dubai, the launch of The Palm Fountain is a testament to our commitment to support retailers and push boundaries to provide our customers with unique experiences,” said Omar Khoory, Managing Director, Nakheel Malls.

The Palm Fountain officially launches on October 22, where a representative from Guinness World Records will confirm that it will indeed be the largest fountain in the world.

by Victor
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