iPhone 13 could come with an always-on display

February 16, 2021

Rumors suggest a couple of new features coming to the 2020 iPhone lineup.

If everything is on schedule, then we can expect Apple to announce the iPhone 13 this September. But as early as now, a lot of speculations are floating online as well as leaked information which may give us an idea as to what we can expect with Apple’s next smartphone.

One such feature is an always-on display, which of course is a feature that’s been present on Android devices for a couple of years now. Don’t expect a lot of customizations though, since the always-on display function would probably just show the time and some basic notifications. Along with that, the next iPhone should finally have support for a 120Hz ProMotion display, mimicking the display features of the current iPad Pros. 

The iPhone 13’s ultra-wide lens will also be improved, utilizing a 5-lens setup, as well as a new Portrait Mode support for shooting video. Apple was said to be working on the feature for some time, and it should likely debut with the iPhone 13. The camera will also support a new astrophotography feature (like the Pixel) that can let you take better images of the moon or stars with longer exposure times.

Additionally, improved and stronger MagSafe magnets will be added as well as support for the new AirTags that could debut as early as next month. As for the design, don’t expect many changes from the iPhone 12.

What features do you want to see on the iPhone 13? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.