Oppo’s futuristic flagship, the Find X launches in the UAE
September 10, 2018

It’s the device that’s got many a rumor mill excited. In a sea of smartphones that have become all too generic, the Oppo Find X promised a departure. At its regional launch event in Dubai today, I had a chance to play around with the Find X, and came away quite pleasantly surprised.

In terms of USP’s, the definitive highlight is the patented Stealth 3D Cameras. The Find X uses an innovative sliding structure that completely disguises the cameras within the body of the phone. When not in use, the cameras are hidden, providing a sleek and uniform exterior. When activated, the camera opens automatically for unlocking and photographing. This up-and-down gives the product movement, a natural and highly functional design.

Interestingly, when I played around with the device, I couldn’t help but notice how responsive the hidden camera was, with barely any lag once you open the camera icon.

The stealth 3D cameras not only include the 25-megapixel front camera and 20MP+16MP dual rear cameras, but also a 3D Structured light module with many high-tech components. Flood illuminator, Infrared camera, proximity sensor, Dot projector, Receiver and RGB camera are integrated into this unit. The 3D structured light module in Find X can project 15,000 dots, building a precise and complete 3D module of a user’s face, and then compares with the registered face of the owner to unlock.

Come to the design, and the Find X forges a new path with the panoramic design. The device achieves a refined silhouette thanks to the hole-less front and rear design as well as smoothly inlaid 3D glass on the edge. The Panoramic Arc Screen on the Find X is an all-screen display that uses COP flexible screen packing technology bringing the visual screen ratio to 93.8%.

Come to the camera side, and the Find X has a 25MP front-facing camera as also 3D Smart Selfie Capture. Find X creates a 3D model of the user’s face using 3D Recognition with millimeter-level accuracy. Based on the resulting 3D model, AI technology intelligently analyzes facial characteristics such as face shapes and features, providing suggestions to make faces look more natural and realistic.  Aside from 3D Smart Selfie Capture, 3D recognition also has another interesting function–3D Omoji. You can choose any interesting images to make Omojis or generate your cartoon avatar, and then create video or GIF Emojis. Now, you can use them in any chat app and chat with friends using your own Omojis.

Moreover, OPPO Find X makes it easier to take high quality photos. With the assistance of AI Scene Recognition, it intelligently identifies scenes and objects while optimizing the image. It supports over 20 scenarios of photography and over 800 scenario combinations including snow, food, pets, and so on.

Oppo Find X Automobili Lamborghini Edition

At the event, Oppo announced a global strategic partnership with supercar brand Automobili Lamborghini with the Oppo Find X Automobili Lamborghini Edition. The Automobili Lamborghini logo is engraved on the body of Oppo Find X Automobili Lamborghini Edition and has a suspended three-dimensional effect created around it using special technology.

The Oppo Find X is now available in the UAE markets, with the standard 8G RAM +256G ROM and VOOC flash charge technology priced at 3,999 AED. The Lamborghini edition with SuperVOOC flash charge technology is priced at 6,999 AED. Find X has two gradient color combinations — Bordeaux Red and Glacier Blue.

by Anil George
Avid follower of all things tech. In between his quest for the ultimate gizmo, Anil fiddles with light meters, collects rare books and feeds his fetish for Jap horror movies. As Managing Editor of T3 Middle East for the GCC, Anil oversees content direction across print and digital. He was a CES 2018 Innovation Awards Judge, reprising his role as an Innovation Awards Judge at CES 2017, 2016. and 2015. Anil is also the Middle East's first Brand Ambassador for Ashdown Engineering. Reach him at: editor@t3me.com.
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