The Ultra variant of the Mi 11 has a crazy 120x zoom!
February 14, 2021

There’s also a tiny screen at the back.

We were already impressed reading the specifications of Xiaomi’s Mi 11, and word has it that the company is also preparing to announce a Lite, Pro, and Ultra version of the smartphone and citing by the hardware found on it, it looks like the Mi 11 Ultra will be a beast.

In a now offline YouTube video, Tech Buff PH showcased the large camera array of the Mi 11 Ultra at its rear. Some users said it’s fake, but the design definitely convincing. The video detailed the camera running on Xiaomi’s top tier device: a primary 50-megapixel main sensor, a 48-megapixel wide-angle camera, and another 48-megapixel periscope lens. These large sensors also enable the Mi 11 Ultra to support a crazy 120x zoom.

You can argue that other smartphone already has a similar zoom feature (hello Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra), but the Mi 11 Ultra, in particular, has another unique feature: a tiny display that sits right on the side of the camera. The tiny screen looks like it is mirroring the content of the main screen, which should act as a viewfinder if you want to use the rear camera. We’re still suspicious though as mirroring the front display on the tiny rear display seems to be a little impractical.

That being said, Xiaomi does always surprise with over-the-top technologies that are actually beneficial. Expect the announcement of the different Mi 11 variants including the Mi 11 Ultra in the next few weeks.

[Image courtesy of Tech Buff PH]

by Victor Philip Ortiz
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