More headaches for Sony Pictures as employees receive threats

December 7, 2014

Now threats are being sent to employees.

The recent hacking of Sony Pictures proved that the attack was more serious that they thought. Aside from the fact that gigabytes of data were stolen and made public (including employee’s salaries and social security numbers), it seems the hackers are sending threats to the employees, which makes the issue even more serious.

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Or it could be other users who are simply taking advantage of the situation since most of the information – which includes employee emails – can now be accessed by anyone.

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Sony was mum about the entire ordeal and is working with various security firms to determine the cause of the issue and to secure their systems once and for all.

One theory points to the fact that the hacking originated from North Korea – which could be plausible since the country was in protest about the new film The Interview (produced by Sony Pictures) that tells the story of two Americans attempting to assassinate North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

The internet has just become a dangerous place for everyone.

by Victor Philip Ortiz
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