More than $1 billion stolen from worldwide banks

February 16, 2015

Amount has been hacked from various banks around the world for the past two years.

Russian security firm Kaspersky Labs has detailed how more than $1 billion has been hacked from banks worldwide. A hacking ring is said to be behind the attacks, which happened over a span of two years.

Kaspersky mentioned that the hackers managed to get information from customers using the ‘traditional’ phishing method. For novices, phishing usually involves the user being tricked into entering information from a legitimate website that looks exactly like a bank’s secure website. Once the information is stolen, the thieves can now easily get the money stored in the user’s account.

The hackers were also able to intrude inside a bank’s security system and from there they were able to study how the bank operates. These hackers managed to steal money without raising an alarm or even program a specific ATMs to dispense money at various locations and times.

While countless measures are taken to prevent online theft, security firms are still strongly asking that you secure your computers with a decent antivirus software. Also make sure that the website you are accessing is secure – this can be done by checking the lock icon just before the website address. It will let you know if the page you are accessing is secure or not. 

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.