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Mozilla introduces Quantum: 2x faster and 30 percent less memory
November 15, 2017

Available on all platforms.

Moziila’s overhauled browser has just arrived. Firefox Quantum brings a faster browsing experience along with a new design. The browser’s aim is simple: for you to surf online and open a lot of tabs without the worry of slowing down your computers.

Mozilla says that Quantum uses lesser memory than other browsers like Google Chrome. A new initiative called Photon is the reason behind the refreshed and faster interface. The developers said that they researched how each user browses the web and considered various hardware specifications so that Quantum will still look good no matter what display you are using.

They’ve also included numerous improvements to the browser’s core along with a new CSS engine called Stylo. Stylo was designed to work on newer hardware and has cores that are completely optimized for low power consumption.

Early reviews have already confirmed that Quantum is one fast browser.

Firefox Quantum is available free to download on Windows, Mac and Linux as well has iOS and Android.

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