New HTC One M8 flagship smartphone officially revealed

March 25, 2014

The new HTC One M8 is looking to be much more than just a simple redesign, instead building on the original HTC One with a new range of features.

The new HTC One M8 smartphone has been officially revealed this afternoon following enough leaks to sink a supertanker. But, the wait looks to have been worth it and HTC is offering serious competition to the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S5.

This year, the Taiwanese company has eschewed the standard slew of new features to focus on what was great about the HTC One and make it better. Namely, design.

First things first, the look of the phone is markedly similar to last year’s model. The aluminium unibody is back, but now it wraps right the way around the handset rather than giving way to thin plastic strips on either side. It’s also larger: HTC has upped the screen from 4.7-inches up to 5-inches. And, as you might expect, it’s heavier too: tipping the scales at 160g.

The emphasis on design means you can’t get away with dunking it in the sink like the Samsung Galaxy S5 or the Sony Xperia Z2. But you can impress just about anyone with an eye for design simply by producing it from your pocket.

Ultrapixels… And one new trick

Flipping the device over reveals a ‘depth’ sensor mounted alongside the camera lens on the rear of the chassis. HTC has continued its ‘Ultrapixel’ approach with the new HTC One (M8) rather than simply ratcheting up the megapixel count with each new model. Adding the depth sensor allows you new levels of camera trickery including adjusting and refocusing after the image has been shot – a bit like a Lytro camera – as well as adding the kind of parallax effect you get on iOS 7’s home screen to your snaps.

Those popular dual front-facing speakers from last year’s model have wisely been retained, but HTC has bolstered them with a new internal digital signal processing (DSP) chip. The chip has a wider frequency range and is continuously monitoring sound playback for the best results with HTC saying this phone is 25 per cent louder than the original HTC One.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801 SOC is the processor tasked with running the handset which arrives with Google’s Android 4.4 KitKat as standard, topped with the latest version of HTC’s Sense: 6.0.

Front and centre of the sixth Sense is Blinkfeed, HTC’s social media-and-news aggregator feed that makes up your homepage. Sense 6.0 has given the feature a bit of a paint job as you can now select from different colour themes for your various notifications.

HTC has sidestepped the fingerprint security scanner feature recently employed in the Apple iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S5 but has added the ability to unlock with a swipe gesture. Or, alternatively, double tap the screen to display the lock screen briefly for a quick notification check.

The Taiwanese company is dressing the new HTC One M8 in a choice of Metal Grey, Gold or Arctic Silver and obviously plans to let its looks and build quality do the talking.

There’s no word on official pricing as yet however HTC has announced that you will be able to go out and buy the new HTC One M8 today at over 30 stores in the UK. We’ll have all the HTC One M8 prices and deals for the UAE up as soon as we have them.

by Simon Khoury
Molecular Biologist turned technology journalist, Simon moved from browsing genomes to dissecting gadgets and putting them through T3's battery of tests. He is currently the Editor for, and a contributing editor to the Arabic and English editions of T3 Middle East magazine. He takes special interest in high performance computer systems, high-end smartphones, the indie gaming scene, and productivity boosting software. He is also an avid reader, science afficionado and a picky gamer. You can contact him at webeditor(at)