New program can now learn to identify blurred faces

September 19, 2016

A new type of technology is now able to remove blur from faces and instantly recognize the face behind it.

When you see a face that is blurred or pixelated, it usually means that the person does not want his face being public, especially if it involves security or other related incident. But a new algorithm can soon easily remove the blur on faces and recognize the person behind it.

One of the researchers, Vitaly Shmatikov, told Quartz it is using open-source machine learning software fo the algorithm to work. “We’re using this off-the-shelf, poor man’s approach. Just take a bunch of training data, throw some neural networks on it, throw standard image recognition algorithms on it, and even with this approach…we can obtain pretty good results,” he said in a report by Quartz.

It was stated though that the algorithm was developed to improve the vulnerabilities found on image encryption. By showing this, developers can create a better encryption system that could protect the privacy of people.

[Image credit: McPherson et al.]

by Victor Philip Ortiz
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