No need to purchase DVD/Blu-rays anymore

July 13, 2014

Apple updates Apple TV and iTunes to support iTunes Extras.

The iTunes store has definitely grown from the time when it was first launched a couple of years back. It has now one of the largest catalog of music, movies and TV shows all for sale or for rent which you can readily enjoy your Apple devices.                        

As a frequent buyer on the iTunes store, I mostly enjoy the digital movies that come with iTunes Extras. These extras can be a behind the scenes documentary, cast and crew interviews, and a bunch of other features much like a normal DVD/Blu-ray. But I was limited to watching these special features on my computer through iTunes.

A new update that was released on the iTunes software and Apple TV now lets you steam iTunes Extras so you can enjoy them anytime. It will also be accessible for iOS users this fall when it iOS 8 is officially released. That means that if you have an existing library of HD movies, you can immediately access iTunes Extras without any extra charge.

Does this mean the end of the physical disc? Seems like Apple is one of the companies pushing for the use of digital downloads though the iTunes store. Similar services like Netflix use a subscription based service that lets you stream any movie from its library. Icflix, which is mainly catered for users in the Middle East, is also available but is limited to only movies and no special features. A dedicated iTunes store for the UAE is also available that lets you legally purchase movies that you can stream on your iOS devices, but it does not currently support iTunes Extras.

Do you prefer the convenience of digital downloads or still like the use of physical discs? Let us know what you think!

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.