Office for iPad has launched!

March 29, 2014

Do you have an iPad and want to have access to Microsoft Office in a touch-friendly manner? Now you can sync and edit your documents across your laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets, and of course present them, thanks to the new Office for iPad, which launched yesterday.

The Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications are now available as mobile apps that can be accessed with simply one touch. Although the apps appear on the iPad’s home, they still originally belong to Microsoft.

The toolbars are all generally brightly colored and provide several editing options along with other features for users to take advantage of and they’re easily accessible.  

It may sound difficult to manage with the touch-nature of the iPad in terms of accessing the options in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, without making a mistake with selections. However, the tabs have enough space between them to differentiate and of course, the handy ‘undo’ button can be spotted on the top to access when needed.

Microsoft’s new venture with Apple’s iPad also allows you to save your documents on to Microsoft’s cloud automatically. So basically, once the Microsoft Office app is closed, you can use your iPhone or any web server to view the documents, just as long as it has Office 365 access.

Although documents are saved on cloud by default, you must be connected to the internet if you prefer to have the docs saved on the iPad for access.

The only catch with the above mentioned is that if you want to create and edit documents on the iPad, you must have a Microsoft Office 365 subscription.

Do you think this will hamper Apple’s fans’ choice of utilizing Microsoft Office on iPad? Since they’re unique apps most of us have grown dependently used to, would you be willing to pay $99.99 for the home edition yearly subscription?

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