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OnePlus 5 coming this year, but why is it skipping a number?
April 17, 2017

Four isn’t a good number for the Chinese.

OnePlus is on a roll this year – after the success of the OnePlus 3 and the OnePlus 3T (including the recent midnight black edition), the company is now gearing up to launch its next flagship. But as a recent leak as confirmed, the company seems to be skipping the number ‘4’ branding for its next device.

The leak detailed that the upcoming model will have the A5000 code name. Previous devices were named A0001, A2000, and A3000 corresponding to the OnePlus One, 2, and 3 respectively. If we’re following this method, then it looks like the next flagship will be the OnePlus 5.

But why skip 4? Many sources online mentioned that for the Chinese, the number four resembles the word for death – which in turn is considered bad luck. In most Chinese companies, rules like these are strictly adhered to.

While details aren’t yet available, OnePlus could be looking to fill it with hardware specs that will match current and upcoming devices and we may have to wait and see until the company is ready to announce them.

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