iOS 14.5 can skip Face ID to unlock your iPhone

February 2, 2021

Dual 5G support will also finally be supported.

A public beta for iOS 14.5 has started rolling out to developers, which revealed a new way for Face ID-enabled devices to be unlocked without taking your masks off – if you have an Apple Watch. Beta 1 can allow your iPhone’s Face ID to be bypassed if your Apple Watch is also unlocked. The Apple Watch needs to be paired, nearby, and protected by a passcode for it to work.

Despite the proven effectiveness and increased security of Apple’s Face ID, it has become somewhat of a hassle for users in the past year when it became mandatory to wear a mask due to the ongoing pandemic. Many workarounds were introduced, but most of the time, we may have to remove our masks for a bit or end up typing the pin code to unlock our devices. iOS 14.5 will hopefully make that process a little bit easier.


Aside from that, iOS 14.5 will also bring the new App Tracking Transparency feature that will specifically require all apps to ask users for their permission in tracking them online. Companies like Facebook have expressed disappointment in this, even going into detail in explaining the benefits of apps being able to track certain aspects of user’s data.

Lastly, iOS 14.5 finally enabled dual 5G mode on the iPhone 12 lineup that will let you enjoy 5G speeds while using a dual SIM setup. At the moment, having dual SIMs on your iPhone 12 would only limit you to a 4G LTE signal, and disabling the second SIM is the only way to get 5G.

iOS 14.5 will be released in the next few months.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.